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We've implemented Cross-sell on multiple stores and it's easy to install, setup and simple to use. The app does everything you need and is user-friendly to go with it.
James HoldingLittle Vitamin - Managing Director

Why are Cross Sell customers so happy?

“I think this is one of the best apps if you want to guide customers on related products. It will allow you to assign any products to any products. So if you sell coffee makers you can add coffee as a related product or accessory for it. This save a lot of time for consumer plus you get more sales.

Support is very responsive and helpful. I would recommend this app.”

French Press Coffee posted on Dec 10, 2015

“Great app and great support! If you need cross sell other than the default theme support, this is the app you need. Stuart helped us integrate this app with our theme in a clean and beautiful way.

It overrides the theme's default recommended section. Instead of showing "recommended products" which the theme selects for you based on collection it is in.”

By Cry As posted on Nov 25, 2015

“Excellent customer service!! This app is very user friendly, and Stuart provided top notch customer service. I appreciate the subtleness of this app and I know that my customers will have a much easier time shopping and finding products that work well together. Thanks so much!”

Jaxon8407 posted on Nov 19, 2015

“For their price point, they are doing a great job and deserve as much business as we can give them - and NO, they did not pay me to say this!

They are just really good, and it is refreshing to find.”

Londonbrushco posted on Sep 29, 2015

Happy Cross Selling!!!